Traveling light is awesome. Decide where you want to go and go. No packing or planning. True freedom. 

Ideally, I wouldn’t even have a backpack. Just a phone in my pocket. Pick up a laptop or a book where I’m staying. Clothes dirty? Pull out a clean pair out of a magical drawer. 

Unfortunately, I still need to bring some things with me. But for my last trip, I managed to reduce everything that I needed for one month into one backpack.

And it went… really well!

No dropping off luggage. No wondering if I packed everything. No waiting at bag check. No worrying about a bag being stolen.

I left from San Francisco flew east, flew east again, and then east another time, and then landed back in San Francisco. San Francisco to Israel to India to Singapore to China then back.


From top left to bottom right.

Zara Pants — I actually bought these in Israel since I originally didn’t bring any pants on the trip…

Two Sports Shorts — Lining is included so I didn’t have to bring extra boxers. The shorts worked for running and lounging. 


Two Shirts — Quick drying. One was merino wool and it was better than the non-merino wool. 

Two Pairs of Socks — Both merino wool. I would wash these at almost every opportunity…

Nike Running Shoes — These are the most default running shoes but in all black they work for running and looking good.  

Tip: Merino wool everything. It dries quickly, doesn’t smell, and isn’t scratchy.


Computer and Dongles — Dongles suck, but they’re necessary. 

AirPods — Incredible headphones in a dental floss case. 

Kindle — Probably not needed since I just used my phone. 

Wallet — Useful for storing money. 

Cables and USB Plug — Gotta keep the devices charged.

Passport — Please let me in!

Android Phone — I also took my iPhone. I like having two phones since I’m an app developer but definitely not needed.

External Battery — This was so helpful! Dead phone + cab driver who doesn’t speak English = bad time. 

Notebook with Pens — Super important to me. 

Bathroom Essentials

Toiletry Bag — My mom was given this by American Airlines. It works.

Toothpaste — Tastes good but do not eat.

Dental Floss — These are NOT headphones.

Deodorant — For when the merino wool isn’t enough. 

Toothbrush — My current dentists name is Chip. Growing up I saw Dr Finger. Seriously. 

Razor — This didn’t get that much use. Unkempt facial hair gives warning for your stench. 

Sunscreen — White person tax. Make sure you pay it if required.

The Bag

Everything fit into this bag.